Express your feelings through a song dedicated to your loved ones. Give the gift of love today, starting at P990!

How It Works

1. Think of a song to dedicate to your loved ones, then tap SEND LOVE 🎤🎸

2. Our talented singers will create a special song video , with a personal message from you 💌

3. Get the video and share to your loved ones as a unique and special gift! 💗👪


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What people love about us:

It took a week to finally had a chance to show the video to my Dad. It was supposed to be a birthday surprise since it was released earlier than expected so it became advance. I think the reason that there is no present occasion added to the surprise. When my sister shown the video to him. My Dad who seldom shows his emotion became teary eyed and he even played it over and over for 5x. I think he wanted to internalize every word I wrote in the dedication and the message of the song itself. Even my grandma was touched to the effort I made. So therefore i can say no amount of money can make our olds/love ones happy. Simple gestures like this means a lot to them. Price is cheap compared to the greatness we (dad,grandma and me) felt. Keep it up oSerenade! – by Gracias

Thanks to the oSenerade team. Also, to sir Jojo for the wonderful rendition of the song. My wife was so surprised, she thought I just shared a video or something, but when the singer read the message and dedicate it to her she was like so shocked and keep asking me how did I do that. It's priceless to see her reaction. Very nice job, credits to you and to your team. Keep it up. I'm sure some of my friends will look at your fan page. Thanks for being part of our special day. – by Chard